Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Harbor.. a powerful hiring management solution uniquely suited to the needs, demands and budgets of a small or mid-size company but can also handle the demand of a large company. Applicant Harbor arms your company with a web-based hiring solution that efficiently manages candidate data, ensures compliance with employment regulations and helps you hire the best talent. It untangles the paperwork, delivers the best hiring practices and provides a proven effective and affordable solution. Everyone involved in hiring has consistent application and candidate information available anytime, anywhere. At the same time, you have tremendous ability to customize your system to address the unique needs of your organization.

Best-Practice Approach

Applicant Harbor is more than a Human Resource technology solution. The system is built around a best-practices hiring model designed by experts in human resources, affirmative action and employment law. That means each candidate is considered in a fair and unbiased way which greatly diminishes your risk of litigation or regulatory action.

A Few Benefits of Applicant Harbor

  • Applicant Harbor Support Specialists create and manage job requisitions from open to close or open to hire and essentially become your new HR Assistant.
  • Applicant Harbor is modeled around complying with EEOC and OFCCP guidelines and regulations.
  • Applicant Harbor eliminates data entry and manual tracking logs.
  • The OFCCP expects you collect 80% of your applicant’s race, ethnicity and gender and they now expect you to collect 80% of your applicant’s veterans and disabled information upfront. Applicant Harbor collects this data in your application process and can run statistical analysis with a touch of a button.
  • Applicant Harbor makes engaging interested candidates in a fair and consistent selection process simple.
  • Applicant Harbor eliminates the need to review applications from unqualified candidates.
  • Applicant Harbor eliminates printing, storage and distribution costs of paper documents.
  • Applicant Harbor stores your data on secure servers which requires no maintenance from outside IT Professionals.
  • Applicant Harbor provides anytime, anywhere access for all hiring managers.
  • Applicant Harbor never charges for upgrades or implementation of new regulation forms or procedures.

Pricing Options


Flat Fee

Applicant Harbor Horizon is our flat-fee version of Applicant Harbor, geared toward larger businesses with pricing tiers that flex and scale with you as your needs change. This solution is perfect for those who have their own HR department, but need to screen large numbers of applicants and hire many employees throughout the year.


Timely Support

Applicant Harbor Focus is all about giving you support when you need it. This pay per hire solution is incredibly affordable and flexible for small to mid-sized companies that do not hire enough employees per year to warrant increasing HR staff. Our support specialists handle your HR department’s role in most of the hiring process, from job posting to pre-screening. All you have to do is hire the best talent.

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