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Impact Ratio Analysis

What Is Impact Ratio Analysis?

Lighthouse Compliance Solutions can assist your organization by performing an impact ratio analysis to assess and mitigate adverse impact risks in your hiring and promotion practices. Adverse impact refers to a situation where certain protected groups, such as minorities or women, face disproportionate barriers or disadvantages in employment decisions. Understanding the significance of equal employment opportunity, we will offer expert analysis to help your organization identify and address potential adverse impact issues within your workforce.

Impact Ratio Analysis

About This Service

With our impact ratio analysis service, you will gain valuable insights into your hiring and promotion processes. Our team of experienced professionals will examine the representation of different groups at various stages of the employment lifecycle and compare them to the representation of the majority group, and then calculating impact ratios to identify any significant disparities and potential adverse impact risks. This analysis will provide your organization with the information you need to proactively address any disparities and make necessary adjustments to promote fairness and diversity.

Why Choose Us?

Our approach to impact ratio analysis is characterized by thoroughness, precision, and attention to detail. We employ robust methodologies and utilize advanced statistical techniques to ensure accurate and reliable results. By leveraging our expertise in equal employment opportunity regulations and best practices, Lighthouse Compliance Solutions offers tailored recommendations to mitigate adverse impact risks. With our impact ratio analysis, organizations can make data-driven decisions, implement effective strategies, and foster a more inclusive and equitable work environment.

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